About Us

As growth in competition continues in all sectors, it is becoming increasingly important to utilize all possible tools to market your products and reach out to your target customers, through cost-effective and innovative methods. At MASK Advertising we have developed a one-stop shop concept which allows our clients to display, package, promote and market their products or company image depending on their specific requirements. MASK is able to walk you through the entire creative process, starting with the development of an idea all the way through to the implementation of the final product.

Mission Statement

To provide strategic council, creative solutions, and timely responsive services with the highest levels of enthusiasm, professionalism and experience, in an open, honest and partner-oriented approach.


To develop a unique concept in the market as the #1 display solution provider for all different business sectors.

Social Media


We're all doing it, but some are doing it better than others. Social media is an extremely powerful tool for communicating with customers, clients and the outside world but it is time consuming and all too easy to send out the wrong messages. We've found our clients welcome our help to maximize these opportunities and are happy for us to either get them started or get more out of what they're currently doing.

Pager Bags


MASK Advertising is the sole agent in the Levant region to supply and produce fully automatic, recyclable paper bags that are of the highest quality at affordable prices. The professional design meets international specifications using water based inks on environmentally friendly recyclable and recycled papers.